EVN Croatia policy statement

EVN Croatia policy statement

Our vision, our mission, our values

Our Vision

As an energy provider we cover the daily needs of our customers and contribute to their quality of living through our reliable high-value performance.

Our Mission

We create value by ensuring the long-term success of our company with high efficiency and responsibility. On this basis we offer our customers competitive prices and our employees favourable working conditions.

We keep in mind that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal when we build and run gas distribution networks in the counties Zadar, Šibenik and Spilt. In order to meet their expectations we apply the highest standards of quality – of our products as well as of our services.

Our sustainable performance in gas distribution and supply requires excellent know-how, high efficiency, modern infrastructure and constant willingness to innovate.

Our values

In accordance with the high responsibility for our daily distribution and supply functions we apply ambitious principles to the activities and leadership of our company. Compliance with fundamental ethical principles as well as all legal requirements is for us a matter of course.

We are committed to the concept of sustainable management and therefore endeavour to balance economic, environmental and social aspects.

The economic responsibility for the long-term existence of our company requires top performance. High competence and reliability ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners. They in turn ensure our lasting success.

We shoulder our responsibility for the environment by endeavouring to conserve resources. Ongoing innovation and increase of efficiency contribute decisively.

We meet our social responsibility in many ways: The concern for the welfare of the employees, fair wages and the creation of a positive corporate culture – characterized by openness, loyalty and mutual respect – are just as important as the service to humanity and adequate positioning in a society shaped by diverse influences.