Gas advantages

Gas advantages

Reliable and convenient, environmental friendly and cost-efficient. EVN gas provides you with comfort, safety and is an economical and green way to heat and cook.

Gas advantages


Heating, cooling, cooking, hot water, car driving and much more – EVN natural gas is very flexible and can be used for your specific needs perfectly. You can flexible heat some rooms or the whole house with many usage possibilities, from preparing hot water, heating or cooling. Possibilities are extremely efficient, and on the other side economical, and with automatically regulation it is possible to create a comfortable temperature in whole rooms - 24 hours a day.


The use is comfortable, safe and effective. The energy is nearly unlimited and is directly delivered around the clock. The consumption of natural gas is precisely controllable and measurable, and the heat is available immediately.


The efficiency of gas boilers is unsurpassed. Natural gas has excellent combustion properties and can convert heat without further treatment. A natural gas supply is extremely space-saving, since no storage facilities are needed for the fuel. Furthermore, the low maintenance is another advantage.

Environmentally friendly

EVN- natural gas is from the environmental aspect the environmentally friendliest energent because it has the lowest CO2 emission. At combustion arise mainly odorless water vapor and very small amounts of sulfur, soot or dust.


Natural gas is directed through underground pipes from the deposit to consumers. Before commissioning each pipe has to undergo a pressure test carried. Furthermore, the lines are continuously maintained to ensure a waterproof seal.