Advantages of EVN gas

Advantages of EVN gas

Being a decision maker, every day you make choices that affect your business and some of them are difficult. Fortunately, decision to connect to natural gas will be really easy one to make.


The convenience for technicians and residents rises with the use of natural gas in industry or in houses and flats. The use is comfortable, safe and effective. The energy is nearly unlimited and is directly delivered around the Clock. The consumption of natural gas is precisely controllable and measurable, and the heat is available immediately.


The efficiency of gas boilers is unsurpassed. Natural gas has excellent combustion properties and can convert heat without further treatment.
A natural gas supply is extremely space-saving, since no storage facilities are needed for the fuel. Furthermore, the low maintenance is another advantage.


Natural gas is the environmentally friendliest of all fossil fuels. At combustion arise mainly water vapor and only very small amounts of carbon dioxide due to the chemical composition of methane. With the use of natural gas instead of other fossil fuels or electricity from thermal power plants CO2 emissions can be cut and contribution to environmental protection are made. Natural gas is odourless and lighter than air.


Natural gas is directed through underground plastic pipes from the deposit to consumers. Before commissioning each pipe has to undergo a pressure test carried. Furthermore, the lines are continuously maintained to ensure a waterproof seal.

Natural gas – a natural energy product

Natural gas is an odourless, non-toxic energy source consisting mainly of methane. Natural gas is the environmentally friendliest of the fossil energy sources because it is producing a low level of harmful substances by combustion.

The formation of natural gas started 200 to 20 Million years ago.
Natural gas reserves are secured for the next 60 years and new reservoirs are recovered constantly.