Gas quality

Gas quality

Natural gas is an efficient and economic energy source. Read more about our quality standards.
In compliance with Article 43 of the General conditions of gas supply (OG 158/13) EVN Croatia Plin d.o.o. as the Distribution system operator publishes a half-month reports on gas quality. In addition to half-month reports the following reports are published: Standard gas quality report, Annual report on the gas quality and Specific points and associated connections report. Specific point for all entrances to distribution system in concession area of ​​EVN Croatia Plin is Pula.

Monthly reports on gas quality

Yearly reports on gas quality

Standard gas quality

Gas quality is determined by the analysis of the chemical composition and the calorific value of the natural gas relatively to the Standard gas quality parameters described in General conditions of gas supply (OG 158/13). Pursuant to the Article 57 of the Network Code for the gas distribution system, the Standard gas quality table has been published.
Due to the transitional and final provisions of the General conditions of gas supply regarding the standard gas quality, we include the content of Article 45, Paragraph 10:
By way from the values of the gas quality parameters in Enclosure 2, Table 3 of these General Conditions, till the 31st of December 2015 the value of the standard gas quality parameters under item A. The chemical composition for the carbon dioxide (CO2) parameter is maximum 3 mol%, oxygen (O2) is not determined, for hydrogen sulphide and carbonyl sulfide total (H2S+COS) is maximum 7 mg/m3. Parameters under item H. The dew point is determined at a pressure of 50 bar and for water is -10 °C and for hydrocarbons is 0 °C.